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100% Natural Whiskey Stones

100% Natural Whiskey Stones

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No More Watered Down Whiskey: Eliminates the ice that melts in your drink

Enticing Look: Really cool to use and makes a fantastic gift!

How It Is Supposed To Taste: Has no flavor or odor that would effect your drink like normal ice.

Beveled Edges: Rounded edges prevent scratching to your favorite glass

Dish Washer Safe: Completely washable and reusable

Color May Vary: As stones are all natural, there might be some color difference/pattern difference.

Usage: Clean the stones, stock them in your freezer for 4 hours or more, serve 3 stones to your drink.

(liquid height no more than 1 stone height, normally 3 stones only serve 60ml/2 fl oz liquid), stay for a while and enjoy your cold drink!)

Guarantee: Our whisky stones are all made of natural granite/marble, which will not react to water, alcohol and or other drinks.

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