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Cocktail Smoker Kit With Torch

Cocktail Smoker Kit With Torch

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Add the smoke: Finish any whiskey with the right smoker to enhance or add to the flavors. 

Smoker Kit With All The Right Flavors: Apple, Cherry, Oak and Walnut  flavors,  4 Wood Chips, Whiskey Stones, Spoon, Ice Tong, Old Fashioned Smoker Drink Set. (Butane Not Included).

Whiskey Bar: The mixologist with the right smoke, top whiskey and perfect ice is undefeated. 

Great Addition: The smoker kit allows the bartender to enhance drinks to an extraordinary and one of a kind experience. 

5 Stars: This kit allows for a unique professionalism in any setting.

Happening: After indulging in a smoked cocktail the encounter brings suave and character to the bar. 

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MixMaster Deluxe

"PourHub Brothers offers the latest and greatest bartending tools to elevate your skills to the next level! As a flair bartender I have decided to unlock my passion to entertain and to order a new kit! How adorable is this set!

Thanks for the recommendation Lance! I absolutely love this set."

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