1. **Efficient Consolidation:** Streamline your movements and find a seamless flow within the venue to maximize efficiency.

2. **Spotless Professionalism:** Maintain impeccable cleanliness; a single dirty dish is one too many in a professional bar setting.

3. **Continuous Stocking:** Ensure the availability of essential items like dog houses, beer, mixers, and fresh fruit to meet demand.

4. **Bottle Flagging:** Organize bottles based on your pouring hand to expedite the grabbing and pouring process.

5. **Strategic Organization:** Arrange your bar space in relation to the popularity of ordered drinks, shots, or the beverage of the day.

6. **Bar Top Priority:** Keep your bar top immaculate – it's your primary revenue source and should shine at all times.

7. **Distinctive Tools:** Utilize standout tools such as cocktail shakers and strainers to enhance your bartending style.

8. **Image Matters:** Dress to impress; your appearance is a crucial aspect of your professional image.

9. **Weekly Specials:** Introduce a new cocktail or shot each week to entice regulars and attract new customers. Be a ‘Order Maker! Not an Order Taker..’

10. **Flair Skills:** Have a well-practiced flair move ready to showcase when the timing is right.

11. **Reading the Room:** Develop the ability to read the crowd, co-workers, and the music atmosphere to create the right vibe.

12. **Seize Every Moment:** Make the most of each opportunity, whether interacting with customers or handling tasks.

13. **Upselling Tactics:** Increase sales by suggesting doubles, top-shelf liquor, or specialty drinks – higher sales lead to higher tips. Be a ‘Order Maker! Not an Order Taker..’

14. **Personal Branding:** Introduce yourself with a handshake and present your unique specialty mix to make a lasting impression.

15. **Name and Drink Recognition:** Remember names and preferred drinks to build rapport with customers.

16. **Bar Essentials:** Provide every patron with a bar napkin or coaster for a professional touch.

17. **Cleanliness Priority:** Keep a bar towel accessible for spills, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.

18. **Accessible Bar Key:** Ensure your bar key is easily accessible, possibly in an arm band, and align its design with the venue or a theme.

19. **Building Drinks Protocol:** Follow a systematic approach to building drinks, prioritizing glassware, ice, liquors, mixers, juice/soda, garnish, and straw.

**Cocktail Priority:** Serve cocktails before shots to maintain a balanced and sophisticated service.

21. **Shaking Expertise:** Shake drinks in tins until they sweat to achieve the perfect consistency.

22. **Suggestive Selling:** When suggesting the next round, recommend something similar to the previous order for customer satisfaction.

23. **Tabs by Name:** Open and close tabs using customer names for a personalized touch.

24. **Knowledge Empowerment:** Master your drink knowledge; never admit ignorance—ask questions and use different descriptions to understand patrons' preferences.

25. **Relentless 
Speed:** Remember, slow is smooth, and smooth is fast—maintain a steady and efficient pace.

Follow these steps diligently, and you'll witness a positive impact  on your cash flow. Sign up for insider tips and a signature recipe list to elevate your bartending game!


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