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Hearts 8pcs/set

Hearts 8pcs/set

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Hearts Set


Cocktail Shaker: The main shaker features a stainless steel body with a sleek, polished finish. It's designed to hold and mix your favorite cocktails with ease. 

Strainer: The set inlcudes a custom heart designed cocktail strainer, allowing you to strain out ice and other ingerdients while pouring your cocktails with style!

Gold Divided Jigger: The set comes with a stylish gold divided jigger. 

Mixing Spoon: You'll find a long stainless steel mixing spoon that is perfect for mixing and layering drinks.

Muddler: The muddler is included for mashing and extracting flavores from fruits, herbs, or spices, essential for crafting cocktails like mojitos and old fashioneds. 

Overall, this 8-piece cocktail shaker set combines the durability and classic look of stainless steel with the elegance of hearts and gold accents, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing for crafting and serving your favorite cocktails.

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MixMaster Deluxe

"PourHub Brothers offers the latest and greatest bartending tools to elevate your skills to the next level! As a flair bartender I have decided to unlock my passion to entertain and to order a new kit! How adorable is this set!

Thanks for the recommendation Lance! I absolutely love this set."

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