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Slim Waist Cocktail Jigger 1 oz. / 2 oz.

Slim Waist Cocktail Jigger 1 oz. / 2 oz.

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Elegant: Made of high quality 304 stainless steel. 1 ounce and 2 ounce measures to insure a perfect pour when mixing the Finest cocktails.

Slim Waist: Allows a comfortable hold in between fingers while pouring spirits. Beveled lines look good and offer a fancy appearance. The finest quality of material built to weather all bartender enviroments. 

Too Beautiful: Stunning design offers a professional and distinguished presence amongst your barroom.  

(Colorful variant sold out on the day of launch. Please email if interested in purchasing that specific option.)


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"PourHub Brothers offers the latest and greatest bartending tools to elevate your skills to the next level! As a flair bartender I have decided to unlock my passion to entertain and to order a new kit! How adorable is this set!

Thanks for the recommendation Lance! I absolutely love this set."

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